Mad Max, Stone, Running on Empty
STONE (1974)$29.95

Australian Classic - After accidentally witnessing the murder of a politician, The Gravediggers - a bunch of Vietnam vets pursuing an alternative lifestyle on the backs of their Kawasakis are hunted by a mysterious assassin who kills individual members. In order to prevent further killings undercover detective Stone (Ken Shorter) is smuggled into the gang and adopts their way of living. 
Running time 90 mins
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This compelling true story follows Eric Bana`s progression as a car lover conflicted by what he has done. The pressures mount up in the face of rebuilding a car that means so much to him. Along the way Eric seeks guidance and wisdom from not only the inner sanctum of three life long friends but also Jay Leno, Jeremy Clarkson, and Dr Phil.
Running time 89 mins.
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FJ HOLDEN (1977)$29.95

An uncompromising Australian film set in the 70s. Drunken fist fights, back seat sex, illegal drag racing, a classic Oz rock soundtrack featuring Ol'55, Skyhooks and Renee Geyer and the screen debut of future star Sigrid Thornton
Running time 100 mins.
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RUNNING ON EMPTY (1982)$29.95

Another Australian Classic... The world of illegal street racing in the 80's. If the central character Fox doesnt accept his latest challenge he could lose his girl, if he does accept, he could lose his life.
Running time 88 mins.
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ROADGAMES (1981)$29.95

Set in the Australian Outback on the lonliest highway on the planet, a free spirited hitch hiker and a lone trucker take on a modern day jack the ripper.
Stars Stacey Keech and Jamie Lee Curtis.
Running time 101 mins.
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MAD MAX (1979)$39.95

When the gangs take over the highways...Remember he's on your side. Classic Australian high octane original starring Mel Gibson.
Running time 89 mins.
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MAD MAX 2 (1981)$39.95

The heroic loner who drives the roads of outback Australia in an unending search for gasoline. Arrayed against him and the other scraggly defenders of a fuel-depot encampment are the bizarre warriors commanded by The Humungus, notorious for never taking prisoners when they can pulverize them instead. When the battle is joined, the results are savage.
Running time 93 mins.
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ServinItUp 5 has more explosive action packed stunts from Darius and the boys. Featuring Stunt shows, street bikes, Big crashes, the famous Twin Turbo Viper, ZO6 Corvette and much more.
Running time 40 mins.
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