Stone, Easy Rider, Worlds Fastest Indian

When biker Harley (Mickey Rourke) & his cowboy partner, Marlboro (Don Johnson), find that a greedy bank is forcing the shut down of a friend's bar, the 2 decide to help out by robbing the corrupt bank in order to pay the inflated tab of the bar. When they rob the armored car, they steal drugs and not the cash, causing them to become targets for the bank's sadistic squad of hit men.

Running time 94 mins.
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Anthony Hopkins stars as Burt Munro. After a lifetime of perfecting his classic Indian Motorcycle Burt sets off from New Zealand in the late 1960s to clock his bike at the Bonneville Salt Flats. With all the odds against him, Burt puts his irrepressible kiwi spirit to the test culminating in an unlikely conclusion which remains legendary to this day.
Running time 117 mins
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The story of a young Che Guevara's 4000 mile formative journey through South America, aboard a Norton, which transformed the introverted medical student into the outspoken revolutionary agitator.
Academy Award winner for best music.
Running time 114 mins.

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BIKER BOYS (2003)$39.95

A mythic motorcycle tale of father and son", this is the story of Manuel Galloway, also known as "the King of Cali", the president of a motorcycle club whose members are all African-American men, mostly white-collar workers who exchange their suits and ties at night and on weekends for leather outfits and motorcycle helmets.
Stars Laurence Fishburn and Kid Rock
Running time 114 mins.

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STONE (1974)$29.95
Australian Classic - After accidentally witnessing the murder of a politician, The Gravediggers - a bunch of Vietnam vets pursuing an alternative lifestyle on the backs of their Kawasakis are hunted by a mysterious assassin who kills individual members. In order to prevent further killings undercover detective Stone (Ken Shorter) is smuggled into the gang and adopts their way of living. 
Running time 90 mins
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The story of 2 orphaned brothers and their love of motorcycles. They dream of a professional career and they take different paths to achieve their goal.
Running time 80 mins.

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THE WILD ONE (1953)$39.95

Marlon Brando scorches the screen in this powerful '50s cult classic about a biker gang that terrorizes a small California town.
Running time 76 mins.

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EASY RIDER (1969)$39.95

Experience the uncensored sixties culture. Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholsonin in a sex, drugs and political ride accross the USA.
Running time 92 mins.

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TORQUE (2004)$39.95

What The Fast and The Furious did for cars, Torque does for motorcycles. Get ready for the full throttle ride of your life.
Running time 81 mins.

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