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When James Lansdowne Norton made chains for bicycles in 1898, few would have predicted the glorious future for Norton. The story of the man & the many motorcycles that gracefully rolled off the production line. Enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a 16H, a Model 18, an ES2, the much coveted International, a 500T Competition and of course the Dominator & Commando to complete the set. Take a step back in time to test-ride these magnificent Nortons, enjoying the sights & sounds of a sadly long lost transport era when the motorcycle was without doubt, king of the road.

Running time 55 mins.
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2 DVD Set - Explore the history, design facilities, R&D departments & ultimately ride the most magnificent machines on some of the most picturesque roads & spectacular racetracks in the world. From Kawasaki's Autopolis on the island of Kyushu, Honda's proving grounds in California's Mojave Desert & Yamaha's test track in Hamamatsu. Even speeding along open roads through ancient locales like northern Italy's infamous Futa Pass featuring over 200 turns in 32km.
Running time 393 mins
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From its humble beginnings in the armaments trade of the 18th century, through the Sloper and Road Rocket models to the Gold Stars of the 60s. The Daytona wins plus interviews with Geof Duke and Bobby Hill.
Running time 70 mins.
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TRIUMPH 99.99$39.95

A nostalgic DVD comprising 3 films, firstly a tour of the factory post war, the famous 1969 IOM TT production race, and then the 72 TT double and setting a lap record.
Running time 64 mins.
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